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Ballet Pécs: Vasarely Etudes Buy tickets
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Literally coming to life in Balázs Vincze's choreography will be the works of the world-famous Pécs-born visual artist Victor Vasarely. The stated goal of this piece, which includes both live music and prose as its means of expression, is for the viewer to look at Vasarely's works with new eyes and see them in a different way than before.

Szeged Contemporary Dance Company: Concerto / The Wilds / The Saint Buy tickets
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What opportunities does a thinking, sensitive person have if he is forced to work away from his homeland, worrying about the fate of the world? How do we relate to the barbaric, faceless crowd that threatens to sweep away the bars that protect and separate us from it? Can someone who thought they were unworthy of redemption all their life become an immaculate saint?

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